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Need practical information and wisdom addressing mental health during crises, tragedies, and the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19/Mental Health Crises:
Holistic Understanding & Solutions

In his timely book, Ronald R. Parks, MPH, MD, examines the impact of COVID-19 or other forms of crisis, loss, or tragedy on individual mental health.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have experienced extreme personal loss and are suffering responses, not unlike those faced by survivors of natural disasters. Dr. Parks’ health interests began as a child growing up in rural Maryland. After developing a high fever and stiff neck, he was diagnosed with polio and rushed to City Hospital for Children. The experience changed his life forever.   

This book focuses on a holistic approach to mental health during times of significant crises and challenges. Topics covered include grief and loss, anxiety, depression, addictions, pandemic fear; how to recognize early signs of mental health difficulties and their origins; coping and finding the help you need; and ways of regaining health, balance, stability, and longevity. The book has an upbeat style that’ll energize your mind and refresh your ability to carry on through troubling times.

In his timely book, Ronald R. Parks, MPH, MD examines the impact of COVID-19 or other forms of crisis, loss, or tragedy on individual mental health. From his perspective as a Board-certified psychiatrist, a holistic healthcare consultant, and a caring, concerned teacher, He offers helpful insights and suggestions designed to empower those with ongoing emotional challenges and those who want to maintain optimum mental and physical health.

Blending research, historical events, and his own life experience, Dr. Parks has created an easy-to-understand, practical guide to help readers not only to survive but to thrive during troubling times. The essential step is to identify early signs of emotional and psychological dysfunction or impending break-down. The book’s educative and guidance content stresses the value of holistic awareness and actions for both insight and inspiration. Readers will gain a clearer perspective of mental health issues that happen with the demands and unexpected changes or challenges that can occur to anyone.

Many key elements play into our overall mental health and sense of wellbeing. Utilizing a multi-faceted approach, this book imparts valuable wisdom while covering essential topics related to mental health challenges, holistic medicine, psychology, spiritual awakening, meditation, and other tried and true self-help techniques. Important preventative and intervention tips are succinctly presented for your help.

Most people are not just facing the Pandemic—many have experienced the personal loss of loved ones, worsening or the start of emotional or mental health challenges, addictions, trauma, and loss of purpose and meaning. Navigating so much hardship weighs heavily on our psyche, but this book reminds us that we can persevere and awaken to a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the spirit of life.

This book covers a diversity of topics related to mental and emotional health, surviving times of crisis as the current COVID pandemic, finding holistic ways of coping, surviving during times of exceptional challenges or catastrophic situations, and reducing disease risk during tough times.

There’s no shame in getting help when you need support.

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Book Reviews:

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In Praise of Covid-19 Mental Health Crises By Ron Parks, MD: Ron Parks, MD has written a wonderful guidebook on how to navigate through life’s traumas, emotional turmoil, and crises. Using the upheaval of the pandemic, Dr. Parks offers clarity and insights for ways to change ourselves that minimize prescription drugs and instead offer core lifestyle, mindfulness, and spiritual solutions. He includes many heartfelt stories, including from his own life, showing us the power of using simple approaches to rebuild a better life. This very readable book gives you the tools and inspiration for achieving lasting changes, which can bring inner peace even in the midst of great disruption such as the pandemic.” — Michael Rossoff, L.Ac

“Dr. Parks has written a timely book with crucial information for mental health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were in the middle of a mental health crisis when the pandemic began with insufficient voices for those in need. This pandemic has amplified the existing crisis and expanded the numbers of those in need of quality mental health support. Dr. Parks brings a voice to those afflicted with precision, elegance, and empathy. I highly recommend this book to all healthcare practitioners and anyone affected by psychological trauma due to this virus.” — Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, Founder of The Hedberg Institute

“This book is a thoughtful, timely, and comprehensive resource for the many people who are impacted by the emerging mental health crises brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Parks offers a holistic framework for transforming adversity into an opportunity for growth, spanning significant topics such as neuroscience and spirituality. His approach to the problem brings hope without providing simplistic solutions. Members of the general public and healthcare practitioners can benefit from this book, which presents an overview of the important issues and a path toward individual and societal healing.” — Larry Cammarata, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Director of Education, Mindfulness Travels

“Dr. Parks has written a necessary and practical book on the coronavirus pandemic along with the concomitant consequences: fear, anxiety, trauma, and depression. Layered throughout the book are specific cases to support his contentions.  He favors a holistic approach as a remedy as opposed to traditional medicine, emphasizing diet, exercise, and spirituality. This book is a must on your bookshelf considering these threatening and perilous times.” — Arthur Laupus Faculty-Osher Institute, Johns Hopkins University

“Dr. Parks explains everything you wanted to know about how to cope with the mental health challenges related to COVID and other crises but were afraid to ask. This book provides a compelling big-picture view of how COVID has shattered our sense of normalcy and has created a state of fear that exacerbates anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. It offers insightful, practical guidance about what people can do to stay well and gain control during these arduous times.” — Linda Donovan, Grief-Support Advocate, Author of After Loss

In these challenging times of the Covid pandemic, our emotional and mental stability is profoundly compromised. Depression and anxiety are epidemics. Dr. Ron Parks, MD, provides us with his groundbreaking book, COVID-19/ Mental Health Crises: Holistic Understanding and Solutions. The book offers invaluable recommendations for a healthy diet, lifestyle, exercise, and self-care as a foundation for a holistic approach to debilitating, even life-threatening Fear, Grief, Depression, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Stress, Bipolar Illness, and Addictions… even Pet Loss Grief! Dr. Parks is an exceptionally qualified medical doctor, holding a unique combination of training, certifications, and intensive experience in psychiatry, internal medicine, nutrition, meditation, preventive medicine, and is Board Certified in Psychiatry. This book is a treasure for laypersons and health professionals. It clearly explains the symptoms and recommended treatments of emotional/mental disorders and describes their related physical ailments. Dr. Parks also recognizes that a holistic healing approach may require the addition of medication therapy and medical intervention. 

“On highly personal notes, we learned how he recently guided, with effective, professional care, a beloved family member through a life-threatening medical experience. Parks also reveals, with loving empathy, a tragic pattern of addiction in another family member and his childhood struggles with polio. All of us have a loved one or are challenged by one or more painful emotional/mental disorders in our lives, from childhood to senior years. Dr. Parks’ holistic, compassionate and nonjudgmental approach, as well as his medical expertise, can, as he writes, help us realize that these pains can be “passages, not places where we have to stay.” We can survive these passages — even to miraculously find meaning, spiritual awakening, and inner peace. Through Dr. Parks’ guidance, we may recover from
life’s harrowing storms and uncertainty, especially now, during the tsunami of Covid. Add this invaluable book to your library now.” — Jane and Lino Stanchich,,, 828-299-8657

“Save a place on your shelf for this impeccably researched guide to mental health issues, exacerbated by the pandemic. Offering holistic understanding and solutions, the book covers a wide range of problems, including grief, depression, bipolar illness, pet loss, natural disasters, and more. For use as a guidebook on how to deal with these difficulties, it will serve you admirably.” — RoseLynn Katz, Writer, Author, Actress; Look for my memoir, TWO HEARTS ON A ROCKY ROAD, which will come out soon.

“I have finished your book. A good book for those who have, themselves, experienced one or more of the traumatic situations described, or who know someone who has.  Your personal experiences make this book all the more poignant as a realization that most of us also have these experiences.” — John Sperry, Addiction and Trauma Therapist

“I just finished reading your book “Covid-10 Mental Health Crises”.  I found the book to be very interesting as a non-medical professional to present a comprehensive discussion and positive recommendations for addressing the many potential mental health issues one may encounter due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” — John Schwartz, a graduate of US Coast Guard Academy, career Coast Guard Officer, and post-Coast Guard career with TSA until retirement

Awareness, discerning choices, and actions are crucial for mental health and wellness.

About Dr. Parks:

One of the great fears growing up in the 1950s was the terror of catching Polio and the dreaded consequences. The vaccine was a long-awaited hope that never seemed to come. Growing up in Maryland, as a young child, I developed a high fever and stiff neck; after the doctors diagnosed me with Polio, they rushed me to the City Hospital for Children. I was treated naturally with heated wet packs and physical therapy until my health returned. My successful treatment kindled an interest in medicine and gave me a deep respect for natural therapies.

Later in my childhood, I watched as the family grieved a family member’s loss to depression and addiction. As an adult, when my brother was struggling with diabetes and obesity, I realized the need for better options and became an advocate for the integrative approach to preventing, diagnosing, and treating physical, mental, and emotional health issues.

I became specialty-trained in internal medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine, and Board Certified in Psychiatry. Currently, I am the Medical director, consultant, and psychiatrist for several N.C.-based programs and continue to write, teach, and mentor.

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Thanks, and I appreciate your time and interest, Ron Parks, MD.

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  • When I came down with Stage III cancer shortly after and was extremely depressed and anxious about my diagnosis, he prescribed me the right medications to help me. He sent me to a diet/ herbalist/ acupuncturist specializing in cancer. I am a survivor today.


  • In the fifteen years, we have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ron Parks, his integrity, knowledge, and humanity have shown in both his professional and personal interactions.

    -Lino Stanchich

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