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COVID-19/Mental Health Crises: Holistic Understanding & Solutions – Dr. Parks’ new book

Post Traumatic Environmental Stress Disorder

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Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients, 2nd Edition (CRC Press, 2012)

The first edition was reviewed in JAMA, Hopkins Medicine Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. Edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt MD, MPH. Dr. Parks was a contributing author to Chapter 32 on Bipolar Disorder. to buy on Amazon

Note: Dr. Kohlstadt’s 4th reference textbook can be previewed at – It is titled Optimizing Metabolism in Regenerative Orthopedics, 2nd Edition (CRC Press 2018). It is the first medical reference textbook to compile an unprecedented synthesis of evidence for regenerative orthopedics by key opinion leaders.

Addiction Resources  (click to open the page for references and resources on Addictions)

Accommodation and Compliance Series: Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder – JAN

ADHD Focus Help


Resources for Special Needs, Seniors, Medical Illness, or Disabilities:

 Mesothelioma Cancer Support  

Comprehensive online resources on mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Approximately 3,000 individuals will receive a mesothelioma diagnosis each year in just the United States alone—2500 of those victims lose their lives to the disease. Globally, over 43,000 people die from mesothelioma each year. Information is constantly updated and has been verified/fact-checked by certified medical professionals. Learn everything there is to know about the disease, explore available up-to-date treatments, stay current with news on mesothelioma in our article feed, veteran support, 24/7 online assistance, financial aid, more.

thanks to Christy Clawson for these resources –

Tenants Rights and Housing Assistance for the Disabled 
Transition to Adulthood: Home Remodeling for Young Adults with Special Needs
Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City?
Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs

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Resources on Mourning, Loss and Pet Bereavement – See Dr. Parks’ article

Book References for COVID-19 Mental Health Crises — Holistic Understanding and Solutions

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  • When I came down with Stage III cancer shortly after and was extremely depressed and anxious about my diagnosis, he prescribed me the right medications to help me. He sent me to a diet/ herbalist/ acupuncturist specializing in cancer. I am a survivor today.


  • In the fifteen years, we have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ron Parks, his integrity, knowledge, and humanity have shown in both his professional and personal interactions.

    -Lino Stanchich

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