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If you’re seeking expert guidance, education, or mentoring with Dr. Parks, please use the form below to request further information or to schedule an appointment time. An initial response will generally be by email – so make sure you have included your email address.

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1. Fill out the contact form below. Include in the message section specific times when you would be available during the day, Monday through Friday if the telephone is your only option. Remember to leave your email address as requests are generally answered by email. Click submit to send completed form to Dr. Parks. All information is kept strictly confidential. 

2. Dr. Parks will email you back to confirm one of the times that you requested or to answer simple questions.

3. VSee or telephone sessions are available on a fee for service basis. Once a time, level of service, and date for a session have been agreed upon, you can confirm the arranged session by making the payment amount through the below PayPal button. All sessions are prepaid in this manner to both confirm your appointment and to reserve Dr. Parks’ time. Payments are non-refundable unless 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is given before scheduled appointment. 

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Initial contact for information or for arranging an appointment time is generally done by email. Once time is arranged for an appointment, click the Pay Pal “Pay Now button for the agreed-upon fee amount. The payment, once done will confirm and hold the arranged appointment time (generally $215.00 for the initial and subsequent session – L-2 choice on the below drop down menu).

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For other special prearranged services or agreed upon fees with Dr. Parks (not in options above). Click the below “Pay Now” button. ∗∗After Pay Now button is selected, you may type in the correct amount and then update the amount where requested.∗∗



Management of serious mental or physical health problems should remain under the care and guidance of your primary care physicians, specialist or psychiatrists as Dr. Parks is not available for direct care services. Private phone or VSee (confidential Skype-like, audio-visual, telemedicine or telepsychiatry sessions) are for information and educational purposes only. Dr. Parks doesn’t write prescriptions or assume any clinical care responsibility for your clinical condition or course of care, except in some situations where people are seen directly at Dr. Parks office at The Center for Spiritual Emergence in Asheville, NC. You should retain a primary care provider or specialist for any clinical care, prescriptions, etc., as needed or required for your direct care service needs.

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  • When I came down with Stage III cancer shortly after and was extremely depressed and anxious about my diagnosis, he prescribed me the right medications to help me. He sent me to a diet/ herbalist/ acupuncturist specializing in cancer. I am a survivor today.


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  • In the fifteen years, we have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ron Parks, his integrity, knowledge, and humanity have shown in both his professional and personal interactions.

    -Lino Stanchich

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Management of serious mental or physical health problems should remain under the care and guidance of your primary care physicians, specialist or psychiatrists.